About Art and Finance

Founded in 2014 by Ramon Rodrigo Cuenca, CFA, Art and Finance is a multimedia venture that provides vlogs, comics, and fine art for global urban professionals:

  • Vlogs on Business and Lifestyle: We produce videos that explain and analyze businesses and economies in an understandable, informal, and entertaining manner. For example, our video on the Japanese economy combined Japan’s economic history with a travel vlog on Tokyo.
  • Webcomics: Our ongoing web manga, Ilusion, tells the story of a group of financial analysts as they learn about business and the economy. Occasionally, we also produce shorter comics, such as Yoga Quest, a comic strip about yoga.
  • Fine Art: Ramon creates fine art based on our comics, vlogs, and other projects. Mediums he works in include acrylic, colored ink, and watercolor.

Here’s some press exposure on Art and Finance: here and here.

You can access our online store for merchandise.

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We’ve also launched First World Manila, a sub-brand of Art and Finance that focuses on educating readers about what can be done to improve the standard of living in Manila, Philippines.

About the Author

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Ramon Rodrigo Cuenca, CFA, is the founder and director of Art and Finance. He does the artwork, writing, research, and analysis for all of Art and Finance’s content. Prior to founding Art and Finance, Ramon worked as an equity research analyst for Bank of Singapore, a Singapore-based private bank. Ramon graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a BA in International Studies in 2006. His artistic background includes part-time certificate courses at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and TKG Comic Circle.