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Claurette Glicée has just joined Clarity Private Bank as a equities analyst – with no prior experience in Finance whatsoever. Join her as she learns more about investing, analyzing different businesses, and life in general.

Ilusion Cast June 2016

Ilusion is created with pencil, paper, pen & ink, Wacom Bamboo Manga tablet, and Mangastudio 5.0.

Assistant: Mack Agbayani

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business and Stocks (Consolidated)

Chapter 2: Analyzing the Tech Industry (Consolidated)

Chapter 3: Internet Stocks (Consolidated)

Chapter 4: The Mosaic Theory (Consolidated)

Chapter 5: Sushi and Financial Statement Analysis Part 1 of 2 (Consolidated)

Chapter 5: Sushi and Financial Statement Analysis Part 2 of 2 (Consolidated)*

*Note: Most of the financial education happens in Chapter 5 Part 2 of 2, so you can use this installment as a reference for finance terms you might not understand.

Putting it all Together (Ongoing)

Chapter 6 – Part One: Adblockers??

Chapter 6 – Part Two: Hey! Listen to Me!

Chapter 6 – Part Three: Don’t Forget the Competition…

Chapter 6 – Part Four: Hopes and Wishes