First World Manila Vlog and Podcast

Here you can watch and listen to me talk about Manila and the Philippines’ economic, urban, and cultural issues. You can also watch the videos (including the podcast) on First World Manila’s YouTube page, or listen audio-only on Apple, Pocket Cast, and Anchor.

Vlog (monthly)

Episode #1: How to Fix the Philippines

Episode #2: Ube: How to Market Filipino Culture

Episode #3: What the Philippines can Learn from Japan

Podcast (weekly)

Episode #1: Can We Fix the Philippines?

Episode #2: Fixing Manila’s Infrastructure Problem

Episode #3: No More Smart-Shaming

Episode #4: New Metro Manila Railways?

Episode #5: What Languages Should Filipinos Speak? “You’re road.”

Episode #6: Kris Aquino, Social Class, and What We Can Learn from Her

Episode #7: Sereno: Did Law Ever Exist in the Philippines?

Episode #8: Can You Make Money Promoting Filipino Culture?

Episode #9: Can the Philippines be Competitive? 

Episode #10: TRAIN – Juggling Chainsaws

Episode #11: Independence from Laziness

Episode #12: More on what the Philippines can learn from Japan

Episode #13: Infrastructure: Why so Slow?

Episode #14: Too Many Malls?

Episode #15 – Ease of Doing Business in the Philippines