Art and Finance Vlog

Fun, understandable vlog posts about business, economics, and finance! For beginners, no need to feel intimidated – there is an intro section for you to understand the fundamentals. For those already in the know, hopefully some of the research and analysis can help.

You can also browse the vlog by chronological order.

For Beginners – A Quick Intro to Business, Economics, and Finance

Company Reports


       Disney: Business Strategy (Initiation of Coverage)

Disney: Disney Biz Strategy: Black Panther, Streaming, Parks [Live]


       Facebook and Media: Who Can You Trust? [Live] (Initiation of Coverage)

Facebook: The End of Business? [Live]


Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 1 (Initiation of Coverage)

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 2

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 3

Nintendo: 3Q16 Results Review (Text-only)

Nintendo: Switch Business Strategy

Nintendo: Theme Park Strategy

Nintendo: 2018 Business Strategy [Live]


Snapchat: Business Strategy (Initiation of Coverage)

Snapchat: Where is the Leadership [Live]


Starbucks and the Coffee Retail Industry: Business Strategy

Starbucks: Digging into its Business [Live]

Industry Reports


How Technology is Changing the Music Industry

Katy Perry is a Better Businesswoman than Taylor Swift (Text-only)

Taylor Swift’s China Opportunity (Text-only)


McDonald’s vs Fast Casual Dining


Theranos: Startup Sector Hubris? [Live]

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Basics: An Overview

Personal Finance Basics: The Return Objective

Personal Finance Basics: The Risk Objective

Personal Finance Basics: Portfolio Constraints

Personal Finance Basics: How To


Understanding the Hong Kong Economy

How to Fix the Economy: Universal Basic Income?

Can Trump Bring Jobs Back to America?

Understanding Corporate Japan 2016

Understanding the Global Economy, for Non-Finance People (Text-only)

Understanding the US Economy (Part 2 of 2)

Understanding the US Economy (Part 1 of 2)

The Phillips Curve (Text-only)

Understanding the Japanese Economy

Banks and the Economy: ASEAN Banking Consolidation (Text-only)

Special Report: Columbia Business School Pan-Asian Reunion 2014 – Globalization and China (Text-only)


Where to Eat in Tokyo

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