Art and Finance Vlog

Fun, understandable vlog posts about business, economics, and finance! For beginners, no need to feel intimidated – there is an intro section for you to understand the fundamentals. For those already in the know, hopefully some of the research and analysis can help.

For Beginners – A Quick Intro to Business, Economics, and Finance

Stocks/Business/Industry Reports

Starbucks and the Coffee Retail Industry: Business Strategy

Disney: Business Strategy

Snapchat: Business Strategy

Nintendo: Theme Park Strategy

Nintendo: Switch Business Strategy

Nintendo: 3Q16 Results Review (Text-only)

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 3

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 2

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 1

Katy Perry is a Better Businesswoman than Taylor Swift (Text-only)

How Technology is Changing the Music Industry

McDonald’s vs Fast Casual Dining

Personal Finance

Personal Finance Basics: An Overview

Personal Finance Basics: The Return Objective

Personal Finance Basics: The Risk Objective

Personal Finance Basics: Portfolio Constraints

Personal Finance Basics: How To


Understanding the Hong Kong Economy

How to Fix the Economy: Universal Basic Income?

Can Trump Bring Jobs Back to America?

Understanding Corporate Japan 2016

Understanding the Global Economy, for Non-Finance People (Text-only)

Understanding the US Economy (Part 2 of 2)

Understanding the US Economy (Part 1 of 2)

Taylor Swift’s China Opportunity (Text-only)

The Phillips Curve (Text-only)

Understanding the Japanese Economy

Banks and the Economy: ASEAN Banking Consolidation (Text-only)

Special Report: Columbia Business School Pan-Asian Reunion 2014 – Globalization and China (Text-only)


Where to Eat in Tokyo

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