These are rudimentary lessons in Finance to help beginners understand other articles in this blog. For more in-depth information, I recommend taking the tutorials at Investopedia.

Risk and Reward (Text-only)

The Discount Rate (Text-only)

Opportunity Costs (Text-only)

Microeconomics, Part 1: Supply, Demand, and (In)Efficiency (Text-only)

Microeconomics, Part 2: A Balancing Act for Firms (Text-only)

Macroeconomics, Part 1: Perfect Competition, Monopolies, and Everything in Between (Text-only)

Macroeconomics, Part 2: GDP Basics (Text-only)

Macroeconomics, Part 3: Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, and Inflation (Text-only)

We talk a lot about business, so you may want to watch the following videos to get a grasp about how business works:

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 1

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 2

Nintendo: How to Analyze Stocks, Part 3