What Languages Should Filipinos Speak? “You’re road.” (First World Manila Podcast #5)

Some thoughts on the “You’re road” meme and what languages Filipinos should speak.

Philippines’ Damaged Culture https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1987/11/a-damaged-culture/505178/
Interaksyon article on “You’re road” http://www.interaksyon.com/your-road-meme-regional-accents-filipino-migration/
My ube video! https://artandfinance.net/2018/04/30/ube-how-to-market-filipino-culture-first-world-manila-vlog-2/

Spanish-Tagalog Vocab: “yo” – ako

First World Manila – the brand that educates the Philippine public on economic, cultural and urban development issues! Mabuhay! ¡Viva!

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