Art and Finance Vlog and Ilusion to Relaunch in 2018!

Lots of changes with Art and Finance now that I’ve found success with my fine art! I’ll be changing the format of this vlog and my web manga, Ilusion, for quicker turnover starting January 2018!

Newspaper articles about my May 2017 debut exhibit

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Assistant: Mack Agbayani

Music: LAKEY INSPIRED “In My Dreams”


Hey everyone,

Yeah I know I’ve been away from this vlog for quite a while, but for good reasons! So remember in my video on Snapchat we talked a bit about pivoting? Remember that pivoting basically means changing and adapting your business strategy. Well, I’ve done some pivoting with Art and Finance and started selling my own fine art, most of which is based on this vlog and my manga, Ilusion. And I’m happy to say that my first exhibit in Manila this past May was a financial success! I even got some press exposure from two of the biggest newspapers in the country. In fact, what you’re looking at now are the pieces that I sold in the exhibit.

Anyway, as a result of this success, I’ve decided to spend more time on fine art, as it is currently Art and Finance’s major source of revenue. But where does that leave the Vlog and Ilusion?

I’ll be direct: I haven’t abandoned you guys! I will be relaunching this vlog and Ilusion in mid- to late- January 2018 with a new format. For the vlog, this means Youtube videos with faster turnaround time. And I’m thinking of achieving that through live recording, so I won’t need to do video editing, which takes up a lot of time. In fact, I’m aiming for a weekly turnover for this vlog starting next year.

And for Ilusion, I’m streamlining the story and condensing it into shorter strips, so the story moves quickly and turnover is quicker as well, also on a weekly basis, ideally.

Now that you know what my plans are going forward, I’ll let you in on what’s happening on Art and Finance for the rest of this year. I have a major month-long exhibit coming up in October, that reimagines Manila as a developed city. This exhibit will be combined with a manga storyline and an artist talk outlining economic and urban development policies I believe will lead to inclusive economic growth and higher standard of living in the city.

Once the exhibit is over, I’ll be putting up a recording of the artist talk, and after that, I’ll put up one more vlog for this year, “Understanding the Hong Kong Economy”, before shifting to the new format in January. The rest of the time this year will be spent preparing for the new format, including doing research ahead of time on my coverage universe.

So that’s the plan, please do follow me on social media so you can keep up with all the content and updates. Thank you all so much for your support! I can see my YouTube subscriber count slowly growing despite not putting anything out in the past few months. My apologies for this, and thank you so much for your patience, I’m grateful to have fans from all over the world, supporting Art and Finance!




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