Collection 2014

“Greetings from Japan”, Mangastudio 5.0 and Wacom Bamboo Manga tablet

Ilusion Concept Sketch: Mall Development in Allegro Central Business District (watercolor and graphite)

“Ilusion Architecture Concept Sketch” (ink and watercolor sketch)

Ilusion concept art, watercolor and graphite sketch

“King Lear” (ink and acrylic, 53.7×38.6 cm)

“Ilusion Chapter 1” (ink and acrylic)

“Halloween Sketch” (ink, 21.0×29.7 cm)

“Singapore 1 (ink and acrylic, 26.8×36.0cm)

“Forward and Backward”(ink and watercolor, 26.8 x 36.0 cm)

“soots” (ink and watercolor, 26.8×36 cm)

“Renard” (ink and watercolor, 38×27.5 cm)

“Cold Dawn/Mongolia”. Watercolor and ink. 11×15 inches or 28×38 cm.

“Crossover Between Two Very Charming People” (Ink and Watercolor, 36.5 x 26.5cm)

“Welcome Sketch” (graphite and Mangastudio)

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