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Ailsean –  Final Fantasy VII “Final Ecstasy”


Hi all,

Big announcement – I’m going to continue with the Art and Finance Vlog!.. But, with some necessary changes.

So, you might be wondering why I’m doing a 180 with the Vlog after I announced that it wouldn’t be feasible to continue on YouTube over the longer term. Three things happened:

The first is that the media industry continues to change. With various upcoming video streaming services spending on content, now is the time to create content. As Disney’s Bob Iger recently remarked regarding AT&T’s planned acquisition of Time Warner, “content is king”. Anyway, looking into the sector, I’ve determined a new path to profitability.. (we’ll see what happens…)

The second is that Art and Finance was shown to several media industry insiders, and the feedback has been supportive. Not only that, people seem to like my art!

And last but not at all least, without putting out a new video in four months, my subscriber count continued to grow! So it looks like there is demand for what I’m doing. Thank you all so much for your support, Art and Finance wouldn’t be anywhere without you!

And that’s why I’m back to making videos.

The most immediate goal for me now is to dramatically increase my subscriber count, and that means more output. So, I’ll be putting out more Vlogs. These vlogs will be shorter and more basic and won’t have have much artwork anymore, due to time constraints. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get to see my art in Ilusion, plus other upcoming projects I’ll be working on.

I’m planning to focus the vlogs mainly on the following businesses and economies:


So let’s stick with this format, at least for the moment. I’m going to be trying out different things and will continue with what works, i.e. what gets the most views/engagement, WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

Anyway, like I said in the last video, here’s what we’ll be tackling next, LATER THIS WEEK.

(The prelude…)

Ramon Rodrigo Cuenca, CFA
Equities Analyst
Art and Finance

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