Startup Update! (May 2016)

Hi all!

Just a quick update! I’m here in New York City to, aside from personal obligations, begin the process of scaling up Art and Finance. Basically, that means I’m getting ready to fundraise and hire people. Why? So that you get more of our content, faster!

The very  first step in this process is to refine our business model by way of a survey, which I will be giving to non-fans here in NYC. Unfortunately I can’t reveal much at this point, but I’m planning on doing a revamp of the site, which involves new artwork I am doing for the survey (you can see some of it in the second picture below). So this’ll take a bit, meaning that both Ilusion and the Finance Blog will continue in June. Thank you a ton for your patience! 🙂




Categories: Pencil, Update, Watercolor

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