Preview and Update! (2 December 2015, Video)

Heads up, just a sneak peek at what we’re working on… The proper vlog will be up very soon! 🙂 – Ramon

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Assistant: Mack Agbayani

Tetrimino – Super Mario 64 ‘Toadstool’s Groove’


Hey everyone,

I know you haven’t heard a lot from us lately on Youtube but we have some major projects in the works. In our upcoming vlog, we’ll be learning how to analyze a stock, using a specific case study. Here are some sketches for the video – gee, wonder what stock we’ll be looking at? I’ll be in Tokyo for the rest of this week, but expect our next full vlog to be out very soon. 🙂 In the meantime, please do check out our website,, for the latest in our ongoing webcomic, Ilusion. See you in a bit!

Ramon Rodrigo Cuenca, CFA
Equities Analyst
Art and Finance

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