Announcement: Ilusion goes on a brief hiatus

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your support of our webcomic on Business and Finance, Ilusion. At this moment, however, Ilusion will be going on a brief hiatus until mid-June of this year, when we will begin Chapter 4.

What’s the reason for the hiatus? Actually, there are two:

1) Generally speaking, we need to take some time to build Art and Finance. And while Ilusion is a major part of A&F, there are a few more things we need to do to bring in more fans and followers. This includes more Youtube videos, more paintings, and a larger presence in social media. We’re also looking at business and cross-promotion initiatives with other creators.

2) I will be in the US for the month of May for some family reasons, and also to film for the Art and Finance Vlog. During this time, I’ll be updating A&F with some very quick vlog posts, and also some color sketches, including design sketches for Ilusion.

Don’t worry though, the story of Claurette, Lixue, Pablo, Iris, and everyone else (many of whom you haven’t met yet!) has only just begun. Be prepared to return to Allegro in June!

– Ramon


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