VIDEO: Hello from Tokyo and THANK YOU!

Hi everyone!

Hello from lovely Tokyo! I’m here working on something big for What is it? You’ll have to wait and see, it’ll come out early next year!

I also wanted to take this time to THANK all of you who have been supporting the site, whether you’re a Facebook friend or friend of a friend, or a WordPress user. We’re sort of in “beta” mode as I’ve still been working out kinks as far as logistics go before goes live. And when I say “live”, that essentially means social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc. – kinda funny that Ilusion‘s current story arc is about social networks and we’re not even on one yet!!). Sorry it’s taken a bit, but, to paraphrase Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, I’m working 80% product and 20% marketing. 🙂

I’m really grateful for all you early-stage followers, I’ve posted a little thank you video from a sushi bar here in Tokyo, right before some clam sushi.

Also, we had fresh shrimp sushi. And by “fresh”, I mean “just alive a second ago, muscles still moving”!

Thank you all very much for the support. Keep following (social network pages up soon promise!) as we have a TON of stuff in store for you next year! I hope Artandfinance as helped you learn a bit about how finance, business and the economy works, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

– Ramon

"Greetings from Japan", Mangastudio 5.0 and Wacom Bamboo Manga tablet

“Greetings from Japan”, Mangastudio 5.0 and Wacom Bamboo Manga tablet

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