Ilusion Chapter 1B – Part 2

Yes, it’s finally here! Apologies for the delay – which happened for several reasons. First is that I’m still learning all the tricks and shortcuts in Mangastudio. Second is figuring out logistical issues in terms of balancing Ilusion with the Finance Blog. Lastly is that this turned out to be a bigger time commitment than I initially intended. But not to worry! I have an assistant, Mack Agbayani, helping me out now.

I penciled eighteen original pages, but ended up only using four of those, since there was a scene and subplot that just wasn’t working out. Who knows, if this blog ever becomes famous, perhaps the aborted pages will see the light of day…? 😉

Enjoy the conclusion of Chapter 1 and see you at Chapter 2!

– Ramon

NEW Page 13 Chapter 1

NEW Page 14 Chapter 1

NEW Page 15 Chapter 1

NEW Page 16 Chapter 1

NEW Page 17 Chapter 1

Page 18 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 End

Chapter 2 Begins


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