Ideally, the name of this website, Artandfinance.net, is self-explanatory. It’s a website about Art. And Finance. Art and Finance.


How does one combine two seemingly disparate subjects? We’re familiar with the stereotypes – the eccentric fine artist with no business sense or the soulless, money-driven banker. But do we as human beings fit so neatly into these categories, and should we?

If you’re the stereotypical artist, you probably need to understand how money, businesses and the economy work. If you’re the stereotypical banker, you probably need to take some time off during your hectic day and relax. And if you, like most of us, lie somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, you may need a bit of both.

The purpose of this site is to appeal to both needs. Education in Finance – covering subjects such as stocks, the economy, business, and personal finance – presented with art – including drawings, paintings and Ilusion, my webcomic. Education and entertainment.

Art and Finance.

Ramon Rodrigo Cuenca, CFA

Welcome Sketch

A sketch for my webcomic, Ilusion.

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